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I am Kelvyn Colt and a rapper of German-Nigerian descent, 20 years old and am currently recording at Abbey Road Studios London. I have been rapping since the age of 12 but started writing poems at the age of 6. In 2010, I was 16 at that time, I transformed our garage into my studio and recorded my first song. Proudly spamming everyone I knew about my first recorded track, the song somehow ended up with Blizzy Baxter in Miami who then invited me to work with him for about month. The acquired knowledge from there would set a crucial milestone in my later career and artistry.

In 2011 I was randomly interviewed by a German TV station at my school, where I shared my thoughts on current political affairs in the EU and the Euro. Luckily a talent scout watched the interview and thought I was quite charismatic. Shortly after this I was contacted by a talent agency and invited to an audition for the cast of a new German TV show called  “Romeo Feat. Juliette”, where I ended up playing the lead role of Romeo. After the show I graduated from school and got a scholarship for a law school.

However I finally dropped out of university quite frankly because my mind was on music. 24/7 I was thinking about or making music, rapping and writing songs, so I started my own label: BYS Music. Before I started working with Rob Cass at Abbey Road Studios, me and my friends at BYS Music recorded and marketed my music and everything affiliated with it ourselves. SugaBoy and Hyperkane as producers, Elijah Hook, Sion and me as rappers, we were the crew. With the help of several blogs and core fans we have achieved over 60,000 hits on some of our projects. One of these had a hit, charting in the German VIVA top 20 Black Charts. Due to the success of the song and the support of my fans, I’ve had quite a media buzz having coverage on and airtime on Planet Radio as well as opening up Shows for Ace Hood and Adam Tensta. Further we were able to achieve a sponsoring deal with Monster Products Germany and an official artist partnership with Viacom.

We did it all independent, we did it all from my garage.

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